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hi i am a new member
hi go am going by the name of regularman   ,,,ive been around smoking and growing forums for years now ,,,and its sad to see this and other forums going down the pan ,,,,forums ever where seem to me to be closing or have members dropping out ,its a damn shame look like you have a a few members here (if you can call the members ) who sign up then never make a post ,,its these type of members up spoil forums ,,,cuz when regular posters and members see these lurkers who dont post the paranoia of lots of growers smokers starts coming out ,,eg like who's that person who just lurks never post is it the law etc ,,,,well ive said my piece ...i'll see if i;ll post here ,,,can you post pictures of grows etc  on this site ,,,,just asking ,,,,,,,,,,regularman Cool
hallo is any one still around here .leave a post here if any one here ,,,see if we can get this site up and running and get rid of the spam artists ..regularman

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