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off oxy's
all i can say i was on oxycodone for 14 years ,,,ive always smoked cannabis and hash most of my working life ,,,i was never a med user ,but i was reading more and more how cannabis helped people off  heavy pain killers ,,,so i'd been growing for some time ,only few plants ,and then i more all less stopped the oxycodone ,,,smoked a bit more weed ,got through withdrawal ,which was nasty butjust after two weeks i was over the most of the feeling shit etc ,,,,now just cannabis for me but some times i do need a bit extra to help me with pain but a tablet of ordenary codeine helps with that ,,,,plus i've noticed painkillers actually make you feel the pain even more ,,the pain i get now is nothing like it was when taking oxy's ......well thats my story just wish the uk would legalize or at least decrim cannabis ......regularman Smile

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